Rating 4/5

Recommended by quite a few guests on the Tim Ferris podcast.

Master of Doom follows the story of the two Johns and their stories from adolescent teenagers to the computer game legends they are today. Through their company iD Software, they brought us titles such as Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake.

I found the book very entertaining and David Kushner is a very good storyteller, please note that this is not a biography but rather David’s take on the story. But it is told in an interesting fashion and trying to give the reader a balanced view from the different persons’ characters. It is filled with plenty of funny stories but also a high level of intrigue.

Having grown up playing some of the games that these guys created it did invoke quite a bit of nostalgia but also a real urge to download and play the games again (although they probably haven’t aged too well).

With that being said this is a book you read for pleasure rather than to expand your knowledge (although there are some interesting pieces around sales models through shareware).

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